Nintendo Entertainment System ( NES )

The Nintendo Entertainment System (also known as the NES or simply Nintendo) is an 8bit home video game console released
in North America on October 18th, 1985. The NES was later released in Europe in 1986 and Australia in 1987, and was known
as the Nintendo Famicom in Japan (released in 1983).

How many games were made for the Nintendo Entertainment System?
This list does not cover pirated NES games. There are 713 licensed titles in the NES library in the US and PAL regions,
and there are 113 Unlicensed games in the NES library. This makes a grand total of 826 titles in the NES library

What is the meaning of NES?
NES is short cut Nintendo Entertainment System


The Famicom main competitors were two other 8-bit consoles. The first was the Sega Master System. Released in the U.S. in 1986, it was a superior gaming
experience with a higher processor that allowed for better graphics and sound. While it sold in the United States and Japan, the Sega Master System’s
only real success was in European markets. Nintendo’s other competitor was Atari. The company had originally reached out to Atari with the interest of
reviving the video game industry together. However, Atari did not comply and released its own console to compete with Nintendo. Atari’s 7800 intended
to right the company’s prior failure with their 5200 console. However, the console was first released during the video game crash. It was re-released
in 1986, but the NES was so popular by this point that it stole all of Atari’s sales. There seemed to be no place for Atari’s system. Both the Atari
7800 and the NES were built with a chip (Nintendo’s was called the 10NES) that prevented unauthorized software from being played on their consoles.

Nes and Famicom Differances:

There are countless differences between the Famicom and the NES. The color scheme is perhaps the most notable. While the NES is mostly gray, the Famicom
was white with red buttons and controllers. It was also much smaller than the NES. The game cartridges were of different shapes and sizes, but they did
tend to be smaller than the consistent gray boxes that all U.S. titles were presented in. Also, the controllers on the Famicom each had a microphone built

Popular Games:

The Nintendo Entertainment System was the home for the debut titles of many franchises including Nintendo’s Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Metroid,
Square’s Final Fantasy, Konami’s Castlevania and Capcom’s Megaman. The most popular game on the NES was Super Mario Bros. To date it has sold over
forty million copies, making it the second-best selling video game of all time (behind Nintendo’s 2006 console pack-in, Wii Sports). Other top sellers
for the NES included Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros 3. Many of the most popular NES titles have since been re-released for the Game Boy Advance or as
$5.99 downloadable titles via the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console service.

When the NES launched in 1985 it was priced at $149.99 and came complete with Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, a light gun accessory for Duck Hunt and an
extra controller. As the console became obsolete with the release of the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in the early 1990s,
the price diminished. However, in recent years retro video games have found a market. Independent used video game stores sell the NES for around $40.00.
The price is rather cheap because the console itself is still a common find. As for games, they range in price based on rarity. One of the rarest titles,
Stadium Events, was sold via for $41,300.

Top NES games:

1- Super Mario Bros. 3

Initial release date: October 23, 1988
Series: Mario Series
Composer: Koji Kondo
Developers: Nintendo, Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development, Nintendo R&D4
Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System, Wii, Game Boy Advance, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayChoice-10
Designers: Shigeru Miyamoto, Koji Kondo, Takashi Tezuka

2- Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Initial release date: January 14, 1987
Writer: Takashi Tezuka
Designer: Shigeru Miyamoto
Genre: Action role-playing game
Developers: Nintendo, Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development
Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Family Computer Disk System

3- Kirby’s Adventure

Initial release date: March 23, 1993
Publisher: Nintendo
Developers: Nintendo, HAL Laboratory
Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Game Boy Advance
Genres: Action game, Platform game
Designers: Masahiro Sakurai, Satoru Iwata, Shigeru Miyamoto

4- Contra

Initial release date: 1987
Genre: Shoot ’em up
Series: Contra, Oretachi Gesen Zoku
Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System, Arcade game, more
Developers: Konami, Backbone Entertainment, Ocean Software, Paul Owens
Publishers: Konami, Erbe Software, SA, Ocean Software

5- Ice Climber

Initial release date: January 30, 1985
Genre: Platform game
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, more
Developers: Nintendo, Nintendo Research & Development 1
Designers: Kazuaki Morita, Kenji Miki

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