Sega Games Co.

Sega Games Co., Ltd.  originally short for Service Games and officially styled as SEGA, is a Japanese multinational video game developer and publisher headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with offices around the world. Sega developed and manufactured numerous home video game consoles from 1983 to 2001, but after financial losses incurred from its Dreamcast console, the company restructured to focus on providing software as a third-party developer. Sega remains the world’s most prolific arcade producer, with over 500 games in over 70 franchises on more than 20 different arcade system boards since 1981.

Sega is known for its multi-million selling game franchises, such as Sonic the HedgehogVirtua FighterPhantasy StarYakuza, and Total War.

Founded June 3, 1960
  • Arcade games
  • Arcade systems
  • Video game consoles
  • Mobile games

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